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30 top experts reveal the exact systems and strategies to multiply your business, income and build your brand.

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This isn’t going to be one of those events with all the hype and none of the substance, far from it.

We are going to have our speakers “pull back the curtain” and get intimate about what is REALLY helping them and their agencies and firms, and how they do it no matter what market forces we're in or competitive territories.

Our Masterclasses will give you insightful, step-by-step strategies for…

Generating More Quality Leads – How you can use the latest in marketing funnel automation to put your marketing on autopilot so new listing opportunities come to you pre-educated, no matter what you are doing, even at night when you are sleeping.

Close More Sales – We have some of the very best sales strategist from across the industry showing you how you can close more business easier than ever before.

Build A True Lifestyle Business – Automation, hiring, outsourcing, systems and processes and technology are just a few of things we’ll be discussing that can help you build a lifestyle business that is within reach.

Think Strategically About Growth – Having a strategic plan in place can make the difference between chasing every now opportunity or steadily rising at the top of your industry and community.

Become The Authority – Agents who become the authority in their networks have much greater leverage than those who don’t. Find out how to build instant credibility and authority for yourself and grow your business

And Much More...


Join The 2017 Agent Summit

30 top experts reveal the exact systems and strategies to multiply your business, income and build your brand.

(Free For A Limited Time Only)

Schedule of Event

Day 1 - Monday, October 9th

-- Agents Getting Results --

Learn How WA's #1 Agent, Vivien Yap, Sells $175m+ of Real Estate Per Year

Vivien is one of Australia's leading real estate agents and in this session you'll learn how she has gone from zero to now selling more than $175m of property after only 5 years in the industry.

-- Sales & Marketing --

The Keys To A Successful Digital Presence & How To Win The Digital Interview

Steve Carroll is Director of Sales at and in this session will share the insight he has gained from being on the forefront of technology in the industry. Steve has seen what is working for the industry's top performers and knows what it takes for agents to win in 2017 and beyond.

-- Agents Getting Results --

Writing a Book and Getting It Published To Set Yourself Apart As a Leader

In this session, Geoff Grist walks us through the steps he has used to write and publish a book that has enabled him to set himself apart from all of the other lookalike agents in his market. Find out why he chose to go this route, what it has done for him and how you could do the same.

-- Leadership & Growth --

Hiring and Managing a World Class Team Without Typical Rigid Structures

Learn from Martin Millard as he explains the systems and processes that underpin the operation of his 80+ staff business. Martin also shares his thoughts on the benefits of creating an ethical framework for your business, staff and life to flourish.

-- Mindset & Perspective --

How To Increase Your Income Whilst Also Reducing Your Hours

Christina Guidotti delves into how to define your own success and how to achieve sustainable success in all areas of your life. You'll learn how to live with an excuse free mindset and be truly congruent with your brand and lifestyle.

-- Sales & Marketing --

The Business Lifecycle and How This Impacts You as an Agent

In this session, Jacob Aldridge dives into the business lifecycle and walks us through the stages that all agents go through - start up, scale up, step up and sell up. Find out how each of these different stages impact on you and how to identify which one you're in.

Day 2 - Tuesday, October 10th

-- Sales & Marketing --

How To Use Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn To Grow Your Sales

James Tuckerman is founder and CEO of Anthill magazine, one of Australia's most successful digital publications. In this session he shares some quick wins you can implement today that will grow your business aswell as the Facebook page that James has grown to 9,000+ followers in 18 months (after taking 8 years to get to the same level with his first page) and how you can do the same.

-- Leadership & Growth --

What It Takes To Sell More Than $270m of Real Estate In 12 Months

Ric Serrao has been in the industry for 30 years and remains at the very top of his game and continues to be one of the top agents in the country. Learn directly from a super agent to see what it takes to sell more than $270m of real estate per year.

-- Agents Getting Results --

When To Grow a Team and How To Use Video To Replace Your Pre-List Kit

Tim Mumford is a founding partner of Stone Real Estate and in this session he shares the process and timing of growing his team that has allowed him to grow to $1m+ GCI and beyond. You'll also learn how Tim is using video to replace the pre-list kit and allow his prospective clients to digitally meet him before ever meeting in person.

-- Mindset & Perspective --

Find Your Purpose, Change Your Habits and Take Your Business To The Next Level

Sandra Larkin will guide you through the habits and behaviours that successful people implement and how you can build them into your daily life and supercharge your own success. You'll also learn how to set each day up for success and build the structure for your ideal week.

-- Agents Getting Results --

Learn How This Young Gun Started His Own Agency After Only 2 Years As An Agent

Byron Filippi has only been in the industry for 2 years, however, in February he started his own agency which is seeing great early success in the startup phase. Learn why and how Byron made the move from agent to owner in such a short timeframe and the lessons learned in doing so.

-- Sales & Marketing --

How To Use Social Media The Right Way To Create Powerful Human Connection

Baz Gardner is CEO of The Social Adviser where he teaches professionals and service based businesses how to generate more connection and influence with their clients. You'll learn the best ways to cut through the noise in 2017 and the best use of your time to create personal connections with clients and prospects over digital channels.

Day 3 - Wednesday, October 11th

-- Agents Getting Results --

Learn The Art Of Community Involvement and Sponsorships For Massive ROI

Kate Smith is SA's #1 agent with 140 transactions and $1m+ GCI last year. In this session Kate will demonstrate the power of hands-on community involvement which is the cornerstone of her marketing plan.

-- Leadership & Growth --

How To Create a Culture of Performance and Mastery

Nick Boyd is a sales and high performance coach and in this session will explain the structure and process of creating a culture of performance both individually and for your team. How to master your craft and keep pace with the changing landscape of real estate.

-- Agents Getting Results --

Creating a Consistent Pipeline Of Leads With Digital and Offline Marketing

Peter Hutton is a successful real estate agent that sets himself apart from other agents with his marketing skills. In this session you'll learn how Peter is using digital marketing to deliver a consistent flow of leads. Peter is also another agent that has authored a book to establish himself as the authority in his area with great success.

-- Sales & Marketing --

The One Thing To Work On BEFORE You Think About Prospecting

Sherrie Storor is a successful real estate agent that is now transitioning into a coaching role. In this session, Sherrie will share her years of experience of closing listings, prospecting and building a social media lead generation machine.

-- Mindset & Perspective --

How To Create Trust And Relationships With Future Clients

Timothy Eaton is an author and coach that will be diving into how to setup and create value with future clients and how to introduce yourself in a way that creates the least amount of fear. You'll learn how and why to set yourself up as an educator rather than just a sales person.

-- Sales & Marketing --

What Marketing Methods Agents Are Getting Wrong And What you Should Do Instead

Sabri Suby is founder and CEO of digital marketing agency, King King, which he started only 4 years ago and is now on track to generate $10m revenue this year. Sabri will guide us through the mistakes he sees real estate agents making aswell as the lead generation strategies that are getting amazing results for the agents he works with.

Day 4 - Thursday, October 12th

-- Sales & Marketing --

Become The Digital Mayor Of Your Town - 'Gary Vee' Style

Sebastian Malinowski is a Canadian real estate agent that heard Gary Vaynerchuk's advice years ago and took massive action with it. In this session he will share his journey of aiming to be the digital mayor of his home town and the results this has delivered to his business.

-- Agents Getting Results --

Find Your Point of Difference and Become The Trusted Adviser

Catherine Dixon is one of Australia's top agents and after only 7 years in the industry is selling more than $100m of real estate. Find out how Catherine is going into a listing presentation feeling like there is no competition and the service offering she provides to stay front of mind and become the trusted adviser.

-- Mindset & Perspective --

Overcome The Fear of Rejection and Adapting To Client Behaviours

Muffy Churches is an executive coach and leadership specialist. In this session Muffy will give you an understanding of how to overcome your fears of rejection and how to understand the 3 different personality styles of your clients so you can mirror it back to them to make them more comfortable and win more listings.

-- Leadership & Growth --

How To Work Your Database Like a $300m+ Agent

Glen Coutinho will share stories from his 30 years of experience and outline exactly how he maintains and nurtures his database to a level unmatched by any other agent. You'll see first hand what it takes to sell $300m+ worth of real estate and no matter your current level there are plenty of takeaways for all agents.

-- Agents Getting Results --

The Video and Open Home Strategy That This $1m+ Agent Uses As A Point Of Difference To Win New Business

Nick Duchatel is a young gun that is getting great results as an agent and in this session he shares the strategy he is using to put together cutting edge listing videos that are different from all other agents. Nick also shares the way he is running open homes to generate new leads.

-- Sales and Marketing --

Craft a Winning Digital Strategy Without Pestering People

Adrian D'Amico is a business coach and social media marketer and in this session he dives into how you can become a leading authority in your area by leveraging the power of social media. Adrian shares what specific types of content you should be providing as part of your digital strategy and how you can implement them today.

Day 5 - Friday, October 13th

-- Sales & Marketing --

Learn The Shortcuts To Publishing a Book So You Can Be THE Go-To Expert In Your Area

Valerie Khoo is CEO of The Australian Writers' Centre and in this session she shares her trade secrets for mapping out your book and the process of making it an achievable reality from start to finish. Valerie will share why publishing a book is still the #1 way to establish your authority and the other important areas of personal branding.

-- Leadership & Growth --

Growing a Team and Implementing Systems and Processes For Growth

Andrew McCulloch is CEO of Network Development with Ray White and in this session he shares the processes and structure required for growing teams and increasing performance. When and how to hire support and sales staff and the perfect onboarding experience to retain key, motivated staff.

-- Agents Getting Results --

Bitcoin Property Transactions and Using Technology as a point of Differentiation

James Snodgrass is principal of Forsyth Real Estate and in this session he outlines how their firm is concentrating their focus on technologies/applications, specifically for mobile devices, to enable greater productivity.

-- Agents Getting Results --

Copying What Works and The Importance of Having a Coach

David Howe is an exceptional agent with McGrath, now selling more than $100m of real estate. In this session, David unravels his method of working with a coach, similar to what professional sports people do, to ensure he is performing at his peak.

-- Leadership & Growth --

How To Hire Staff That Can ACTUALLY Sell

Maya Saric is CEO of Sales Inventory Profile (SIP) and in this session shares how to know that the sales staff you are hiring will actually be able to sell. When you hire new staff it will take time away from your own selling so you need to be sure the time you put into training them is worth it.

-- Leadership & Growth --

How To Run an Agency With 90 Staff & Sell $180m+ of Real Estate Personally

David Highland is CEO of Highland Property Agents and in this session he shares the structure used to manage 90 members of staff whilst still allowing him to personally sell more than $180m of real estate. David explains why hiring a full time in-house creative team was one of the best decisions the firm has made and the one social media channel you should be using for success.

Learn From Our World Class Speakers

James Tuckerman
Founder, Anthill Magazine

Christina Guidotti
Speaker, Author, Mentor

Catherine Dixon
Bresic Whitney Darlinghurst

Glen Coutinho
RT Edgar Hawthorn

Kate Smith
Raine and Horne Semaphore

Peter Hutton
Hutton and Hutton

David Howe
McGrath Northbridge

Byron Filippi
Filippi Real Estate

Sabri Suby
CEO, King Kong

Vivien Yap
LJ Hooker Dalkeith

Baz Gardner
CEO, The Social Adviser

Steve Carroll
Director of Sales,

Muffy Churches
Speaker, Author, Coach

Nick Boyd
High Performance Sales Coach

Sandra Larkin
Success Coach

Maya Saric
Managing Director, SIP

Adrian D'Amico
Social Media Strategist

Valerie Khoo
CEO, Australian Writers' Centre

Tim Mumford
Partner, Stone Real Estate

Martin Millard
Principal, Harcourt Solutions

Sebastian Malinowski
Canadian Agent & "Digital Mayor"

Sherrie Storor
Agent, Coach and Mentor

Andrew McCulloch
CEO Network Development, Ray White

Jacob Aldridge
Coach and Adviser, businessDEPOT

James Snodgrass
Director, Forsyth Real Estate

Ric Serrao
Principal, Raine & Horne Double Bay

Timothy Eaton
Author, Coach, Mentor

Nick Duchatel
Belle Property, Dee Why

Geoff Grist
Richardson & Wrench, Mosman

David Highland
CEO, Highland Property Agents

Get Front Row Access To 30+ Expert Trainings and Masterclasses

From The Industries Highest Performing and Earning Agents, Principals, Coaches and Thought Leaders Showing You How To Significantly Grow Your Practice Now…

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Join The 2017 Agent Summit

30 top experts reveal the exact systems and strategies to multiply your business, income and build your brand.

(Free For A Limited Time Only)

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The Real Estate Agent Summit

No ‘Pitch Fest’ Guarantee – This isn’t a pitch fest where each speaker dangles a carrot and then you have to buy a program in order to ‘get the goods’. Each of our world class speakers will be delivering value from the first minute on the virtual stage. If they’re not on this lineup, they didn’t make the cut.

Why Is This Online Conference Different?

#1 – It’s The Biggest Online Real Estate Event In History!

If you are at all interested in taking your business and life to another level (more time off, more money, more freedom), this FREE online event is a no-brainer. We are expecting at least 10,000 real estate agents, brokers and agency owners from around Australia to pack in and learn from the biggest names in business and real estate.

#2 – You Will Learn Directly from The Best Agents And Business Coaches In The World

We will be doing workshops with a once in a lifetime group of speakers from across the industry and the greatest minds from around the world in personal development and business coaching – many who exclusively work with agents, brokers and owners.

#3 – Learn From The Comfort of Your Home Or Office

No flights, no travel, and no expensive tickets to this conference. We promise a pitch free zone and guarantee to over-deliver on the value you’ll get out of this event.

#4 – Watch The Masterclasses At Your Convenience

The training sessions will be available online for your convenience. During the free portion of the event SEP 25 – 29, new sessions will be released every day, and will be available for 12 hours once they are released. However, if you purchase the All-Access Pass, you’ll get access to all the masterclasses and bonus material forever.

Get Front Row Access To 30+ Expert Trainings and Masterclasses

From The Industries Highest Performing and Earning Agents, Principals, Coaches and Thought Leaders Showing You How To Significantly Grow Your Practice Now…

And The Best Part Is You Can Get Access For Free (For A Limited Time).

The Largest Real Estate Agent Conference Starts In…


Join The 2017 Agent Summit

30 top experts reveal the exact systems and strategies to multiply your business, income and build your brand.

(Free For A Limited Time Only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event a good fit for me?

If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this event is a good fit for you:

The Young Agent: If you’re a young agent who is looking to take their skills to the next level this is the perfect event for you. You’ll learn from countless years of experience along with the best and brightest Real Estate Agents, Agency Owners, Producers and Professionals from today, ensuring you will have a long and prosperous career in this industry.

The Mature Agent: Whether you feel like you’re peaking and are struggling to find a way to break through the ceiling or you love to continually improve and outpace your competition we’ll have training sessions that will show you strategies sure to help you take your game to the next level.

The Owner: Any owner worth their salt will tell you to really grow your business you need to work ON your business more than you should be IN it. Every one of our world class speakers has grown a successful business and has done what most others dream of. They are going to show you the tools and processes they use to help them grow year after year.

The Marketing Organization: Regardless of the products you represent, you know the importance of staying up to date on the latest trends in sales, marketing, strategy and mindset in our industry. This event will bring all the leading experts and top producers on one platform so you and your team can get the insights you need to remain competitive.

The Industry Professional: Whether you work for a company, association, publication or are just one of the many professionals who work in this industry (mortgage brokers, financial planners), this event is for you. You’ll learn have a much better understanding of the agents you are working with.

Where is this event located?

Wherever you are!

Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How do I watch the conference sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email that you have been registered for the event.

If you do not receive the email please notify us at and we will work to find your registration. You will also want to check your spam folder as some companies have advanced firewalls that can sometimes stop automatic emails from coming through.

Once the event starts we will then send you daily email notifications letting you know when training sessions are released for you to view. If you purchase the All-Access pass you can watch all of the interviews in our members only area as soon as you receive your login information.

I can't attend the live sessions. Do I get a recording?

Yes, the recording for each session will be available for 12 hours following the session. Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 12 hours.

You can also purchase an ALL ACCESS PASS and get lifetime access to all the interviews and bonuses.

About The Summit Host:
Disrupting The Real Estate Industry

Carl is the host and creator of the Agent Summit, the real estate industry’s largest online event for real estate agents. His mission is to kick the industry into the technology age by breaking down the standard industry conventions.

As a CFP, Carl has been in the finance industry for 7+ years which is where he saw the power of conferences for professional growth but at the same time how inefficient they were being conducted. Carl writes, speaks and consults about a number of topics such as sales, marketing, strategic growth and technology for the real estate industry.

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Get Front Row Access To 30+ Expert Trainings and Masterclasses

From The Industries Highest Performing and Earning Agents, Principals, Coaches and Thought Leaders Showing You How To Significantly Grow Your Practice Now…

And The Best Part Is You Can Get Access For Free (For A Limited Time).

The Largest Real Estate Agent Conference Starts In…


Join The 2017 Agent Summit

30 top experts reveal the exact systems and strategies to multiply your business, income and build your brand.

(Free For A Limited Time Only)

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